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Mocha Misk'i

Created by sisters Pilar and Helga, Mocha Misk'i is a brownie shop located in Jacksonville, Fl. Founded in 2015, our shop specialized in gifts made with brownies that everyone can enjoy. We deliver locally and ship nationwide.

With a solely brownie menu, our treats come in a wide range of flavors and styles that will make anyone a fan. Our artisan brownies are made from scratch and in small batches to assure freshness.

In the beginning stages of Mocha Misk'i we created our favorite gift; Brownie Messages. Our messages are created with you in mind so you can celebrate any occasion with a sweet treat. Made to order and 100% edible, these messages can be customized any way you want, so feel free to add your team colors, favorite hobbies or even your logo or picture! #eatyoselfie

From our undying love for sushi, the brownie sushi roll was born. Our delicious brownies are rolled and filled with your favorite flavors to make the most unique brownie you'll ever eat. Boxed with chopsticks and paired with your choice of chocolate or caramel dipping sauce, these sushi rolls truly are the sweetest thing you'll eat with chopsticks.

We offer Vegan or Gluten-Free options for all of our messages and some of our rolls and brownies. Contact us to get a full list of flavors. 

Pilar Langthon
Pilar Langthon


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